There are a lot of closet nudists out there

There are a lot of closet nudists out there, and I’m one of them. So, I decideed to write this to help others like me to find more ways to go nude. Here are some helpful tips:
At home:
annaa765When no one is home, (Or if you’re willing to take your chances with someone around) just bare it all and do your usual stuff. The wind blowing against your body feels absolutely wonderful. For those who with their own rooms, you can lock the door and sleep in the nude. Try wearing just shorts (Men) or a single piece t-shirt (Women). That way, you can slip in faster if someone comes about. And for those people who share rooms, you can slip off your clothes and sleep in the nude, covered with a blanket of course. If you’re scared you’ll kick it off, tuck the sides of the blanket in tightly to the sides of the bed. You can also go back and forth the bathroom nude, and no one will probably say a thing. This is probably the first step for anyone who plans to tell their parents about their naturist activities. My parents are a bit open-minded, but they have their limits for nudism. I’m normally allowed to go nude before or after bathing for a while. Going longer than that will warrant a frown from them. I’m currently working on trying to make my parents come to terms with my nudism.
If you’re lucky enough to have a nudist beach or center nearby, then don’t hesitate to visit it. Howeve if you’re unlucky enough (like me), you can always improvise. If you have your own swimming pool, you can always go there. If you have a private one, then use it! However, if you live in an apartment (like me, again), you could try going at around 2-3 am. Alternately, go during office hours and school times, when there will be no one. A good way to be safe is to wrap your swimsuit around your hands, so if anyone comes, you can easily slip it on. And, if you have a park nearby, (Go on the same times as the swimming pool) A good idea if you’re going to the park or a hike, bring the necessary supplies and a plastic bag or a bag to keep your clothes in. I normally bring slippers so I can remove and wear it easily. I prefer to go barefoot anywhere, by the way. If you have a bicycle, you could try cycling around nude. Always think of new ways to go natural. Make sure you map out a proper time to go and to return. Watch out for people to. You can also try jogging around the neighbourhood. Try alleywyas and isolated areas. Becareful if you want to take an extra risk by jogging past other people’s houses.
That’s about it. The main point I stress is to USE YOUR BRAIN! Find more places to go nude and always think ahead for everything. Okay then, that’s about all I got to say. Until next time, keep nude!

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