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Lake Beach raw fucking

Hi Kate, squad and wild voyeurs! ...kisses Sailor (for your uber-cute comments)... It's been several months since my last contri.We have had a very engaged (but fun) summer with my fresh g/f Brandi and her hubby. Anyway, here are a few solo pics from preceding trips. Here is a little taste of what is to come. I call the set"Flash Across America". My quest is to getnaked bythe welcome sign of every state along an interstate or major highway. The pics aren't the greatest, as these were my very first attempts... trust me, I get nicer. (blush) Thanks for all the fine comments... as always. If there are kinky wivesfrom MN that like to get naked and/or soiree. don't be afraid to email me. My addy ison my siteand I don't bite (very hard). . Smooches.

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And some RC pics (For all those people who make complaints that the photos are cropped, please understand the work I do does not permit certain things and naked pictures on the internet falls into that category. But I love doing it, so this is the compromise)


her best features M* Big Bulges And Draped Taunts In Blue Briefs - Would love to hear what the ladies think of my blue boxers.....and of course be sure to let me know if you have any ideas for other photo sets.....you NEVER know....I just might take up your requests and ideas.....