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Sex On The Beach With Ivana

Here is the very first part
I am in love with a couch. Granted, that would be a step up from some guys I have dated, but I must say, this couch has been providing me with a convenient place to sleep and immense leisure comforts as well. It is also very good for relieving on when choosing to indulge in getting myself off. I can lay and think of past practices, current fantasies, or abstract ideas. I can also see a DVD, or even invite a friend to take photographs (okay, well, the same friend. LOL). I had gotten a few emails thru our site and witnessed some comments asking for photos of me getting myself off, so I thought I would oblige, and express how much affection I have for this chunk of furniture.

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Ex-wife that love to pose This is my 31 year old wifey, she just had her very first conti in private shots, and she loved the comments, we would love to hear from people from Indiana, and every one else, please call these daddys doll Two so I can find them, thanks for the site


Lily liking herself Heres some of my wifey Lisa. Lisa is 36 and a mom of Four. Her breasts are 40D. She loves all types of fuck-a-thon and loves being nude. She posts all the time in econtris. Thanks to all those who have sent nice comments.