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Hi Kate and voy-zonebers! We wouldn't miss the chance to wish voy-zone a very Blessed 10th Anniversary...what a place it has been for us. We have found joy, friendship, and entire fresh sexual world just by submitting our photos and stopping by the BB's. We have been sharing our photos here and only here since 1998. We have met the most wonderful, sexy people, and have made memories which will last our lifetimes. When we thought about what we could do for this series....we determined it would be joy to grab the laptop and put photos from past contris on the screen...sort of like a excursion down memory lane. You might notice the background switch as the naturist switched and the size of the photos getting larger as the years go by. As you will see I have collective the camera (and entire lot more) with some amazing beauties from here at naturist. We have met other super hot couples and women but we never posted the photos from our meetings: Erianne, Katarina, NY Dark-haired, BEG, Rae, Giselle, Mrs. DFP, Meg, Natasha, Dee, Supergal and many sexy people at a few nudistparties as well as one of the HEDO naturist vacations. This set is comprised of only photos posted in one of the sections of the free naturist. I attempted to find photos from the sections at naturist NIP, Freestyle, E-contri, and Private Shots. Unluckily, no one has caught me stripped to the waist on the sand in my WW for the What I Witnessed section. Thank you to the viewers and other contributors who have buttressed me and left comments for me over the past years...you make this so much joy and enormously exciting! Thank you Kate for providing this place which is like no other for us and so many others! Thanks to the team for all you do...here's to many more joy packed naked years for nudist! Smooches, Nina

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love to trade pics I've always loved the gothic look. Unluckily I'm a little too old to be wandering around town this way...having three kids and all...but every chance I get to live out my gothic fantasy, I go for it! I truly hope you guys love my fantasy as much as I do!


so? what you mean Loren Looking To Get Out Of Retailhell I earnestly need to commence looking for a fresh job. Working retail deep throats, and every day Naturists looks finer and nicer as a total time job. lol. I don't want to become like the other ladies on here tho'. Some of them are so sad. But hey, if they can do it, so can I.