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Hot naked dance gets an all over tan at the beach

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We just had a conversation about the movie The Graduate, and my 58 year youthfull wifey, didn't think that she would ever have to worry about passes from a junior man. She perceived that the responses to her former contris, March Two, (A real woman at 58), and March Nine, part Two were just thhe rest of the dirty old boys like her spouse who spend too much time in front of the computer. I reminisce the mid forty year old neighbor with the big tits that had me spending some time in the bathroom fantasizing about, and I know that had I the chance to see her with a glass of wine in the bath, the gun would have gone off sans getting out of the holster.

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Tino (& Tina) Vi que les gustaron mis pechos la otra semana y he decidido enseñarles más, tengo muchas más con otra ropa y sin ella, pero depende de si les gustan. Los buenos comentarios tendrán más fotos en avance y por supuesto...votadme :-x


J at play again The Well Clad Gardner Wifey loves to garden. I attempt to not miss an chance to grab the camera when the weather gets hot and the gardening activity gets sexier. The yard is only semi-private. I keep wondering if pictures might, someday, emerge in VW from a neighbor's view point.