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Hey Hidden cam web group, Taz here again. I'm truly not attempting to brag, but I have a habit of getting lucky with some of the greatest strippers...... The wifey and I were going thru Ohio and we stopped in Cleveland for the night. We got bored around the motel and determined to venture out and see the night life. Well, we ended up at a undress club and we were lucky enough to get to talking with Misty. After many drinks and some talking she invited us back to her place. We got to talking about my site and she agreed to do some pictures for me. Well, these are the only ones I can demonstrate you here. After this set we got into some Jungle fucky-fucky that still blows my mind..... but to see those you'll have to either go to Crimson Clouds or my site. Love the pics I'm no playa, I'm just one LUCKY son of a bitch

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sexy gifts Hi Ya!!! Hubby loves the rear shots and dreamed to make a compilation of some of our faves from the past year....So here it is...Enjoy. Thank You Kate and all the staff, notably you Sailor, your a sweetie!! Kisses..Bye


Wanna spank my ass? SB2 and I have loved reading all of your comments, thanks everyone. Here are a few pictures from our latest vacation; a duo from the strand a duo from the bedroom... We're always looking for another beautiful, single woman to take pictures with, if you're interested please leave a comment...