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Kate, I have been loving visits to your site. Determined it was time to be a participant too. This series was taken on the bare-chested section of a Key West motel playa. Obviously I "liberated" it and revved it into a nude section. No one seemed to mind. Tell me, do you think no one recognizes the person in the picture when they put those little black bands (or big sunglasses, haha) over their eyes? I always figured that anyone who knew you would recognize you anyway, and those who don't know you can't recognize you! So what is the point? I am not a loyal naturist, but love to sunbathe in the nude and don't mind who knows, its healthy, yes? Call this series, "Don't Print My E-Mail.....", no instead call them, "Key West Holiday." I have other picture series if anyone is interested. . Please identify me as "Gigi", thanks. Gigi

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A milky titty Please post these clips for your RI and general competition. Unique clips in that they are real hidden footages. In the last clips she asked me to touch her pleasure button while she was railing until she jizz hard (you can hear her say "I am cuming"). Love, comments welcomed.


Wife's big, powerful tits. Hey to Naturists You can use this pictures for your site at Nude in Public Charly and Lyta a youthfull Belgian duo like thake photos outside and in different sp cial places. Un jeune duo Belge qui aime prendre des photos en exterieur . Thanks