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STCLa€™s hubby here with part Two of my annual compilation sets, this one for 2014. By now, if you left a nice message on one of our latest contris, you should have received my wifea€™s mailer including something nice for your enjoyment AND inviting you to fuck her. We had so much joy in Texas a€“ slew of horny boys and couples around a€“ but here in Oh-hi-ho wea€™ve found nothing but Jesuits and Nuns! WTF??? Dona€™t people from Ohio have ANY fun? Come on, people, FUCK MY WIFEa€¦ PLEASE! (Dona€™t be afraid a€“ wea€™re safe a€“ after all these years wea€™ve never had ANY trouble at all!) I hope you love the girl-on-girl act in this set, by the way a€“ she loves to eat snatch and I love to film her doing it!

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Spunk on my tits please! Hi Kate and group here is a duo pics of my hubby. I love to read the comments we get on the message board, so please let me know what you think. If comments are good we will send more. Also we like to trade pics with cpls too will react to all who leave message.


Hi guys nd chicks Was walking around minding my own biz when i stumbled across this honey leaving the mall, as i opened the door for her i told her that she was so pretty we should do pictures, stunned, she said that she wished to.