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Sandramonica beach tribute video

sheila by the sea
I often get asked where I get the ideas for my pictures. The response is... I pay attention. I listen to what people say and I observe their reactions. In this case, my idea came from Kate so if you like it, thank him! I don't think he has given "white cottons" a fair rap. Sure, they aren't slinky and unsheathing, but we wear sexy clothing to help us Sense sexy... not to MAKE us sexy. What truly matters is how we sense - the attitude we project, not what we look like on the surface. The right attitude can make even "white cottons" emerge sexy. I hope that you love my attitude here. :-) And as we go thru the holiday season, I hope each of you can look beyond the surface to find what indeed matters in your life too. Glad Holidays!

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Some shots from a princess Hallochen VW Team, hallo ihr da draussen... Vielen dank wool das nette Feedback auf mein erstes Posting und deshalb kommt hier ein ausserplanmässiger Part II. Mein (unser) Angebot an Paare, wool eine gemeinsames Fotoshooting im Raum Ulm/Do. gilt naturlich noch immer. Liebe Grusse aus Ulm


She is cherry :) Just want to thank Youthfull stud and every else who leave nice comments, they truly make me perceive good and want to post more and for those who have nothing good to say please keep it to yourself....I already know how you feel!. Thanks