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Ok. I've attempted submitting two contributions that were a little explicit, since several of you have requested them. Unluckily, they were clearly too gonzo even for RC! I can't believe that women can play with playthings (and other things) in every orafice and have Four or Five guys doing what they will with them... but a boy takes a few pictures with a fuck stick, and it's too rough for this audience. If you're interested in witnessing the explicit photos, I guess you'll just have to leave your email, and I'll get them to you! Thanks again for the fine site! Sorry to be so explicit... I'll be more careful in the future. Still looking for a photographer, if anyone's interested.

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Pissing Four the crowd Posted a few times in Crimson Clouds and loved the comments, messages, Hope to have as good of a response here. These pictures were taken during a "nap" at a motel during vacation a few months ago. The joy indeed embarked once the panty came off. Enjoy!


Kurzurlaub Willing To Exchange - She's my nymph. Over 40 and mom of two. We want to know what do you think of her and what will you do to her. Also willing to contact with couples, dolls or boys in Spain...wonder why...