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tits out on the balcony
Hi again. Here a some more photos of my wifey of 35 years, Yvonne, thru the years. Sorry, can not flash the utter face as she is still an working attorney. And for you youthful guys (and girls) that do not like pubic hair, well just pass on this one. We attempted the "shaved look" way back in about 1975 and did not like it then nor now. In my opinion (and at the age of 58 my opinion is always right), it just looks unnatural for any woman over the age of 30 to have a bald beaver(and for that matter, it also goes for those under 30 also). You junior guys have been brought up that way, so you just don't know any finer and can be forgiven. There is nothing like the wonderful perceive of a nice, moist "beaver" to pat and knead your frigs thru in the middle of the night. I hope the trend switches, as looking at bald pubic regions . . . well I would not go so far to say they are a turn off . . . but they would look a lot nicer, and sexier, with a little hair. Positive comments are welcome, Yvonne and Ol' Fart

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pics from france... I love this contri. It is a collection,if you will, of pics that were too hot for their vweb contri counterparts. Do you like this set? Would it set the mood for some love making? I am dying to hear from you and reminisce if you want to talk go to "ask audrey" on my site. Hugs and smooches. Audrey


Pretty Kitty - Hi Hi again! Thanks for all your fine comments on my last post - I love reading them all. You indeed know how to turn a woman on! Here's a few more from some motel joy we had. Hope you like 'em. See you soon!