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Beach babe Summer teasing with her perfect feet

Sara in Animal Print
I know it may seem odd to post for someone who I have not met, but I have been a big devotee of Nikki's for fairly some time. We have VERY similar bods and my hubby thinks she is the finest dame on here (besides me of course). He is lso a pretty big admirer of Jan's...heck, he is a pretty big devotee of SEVERAL of you, but me...im a aficionado of Nikki. So I am posting these for a littel funa dn to flash my appreciation for her!..haha, Nikki, I hope you and your hubby love these too, as well as everyone who visits this site!..You guys are absolutely the best and I lOVE all the wonderful feedback i get..thank you so much for your kind voting! Love and Smooches, Sacha! hmmm, how about a Sacha and Nikki post? i am SO SORRY there isnt alot more nudity!!!! I promise to get you some more! So let us know if I need to fly to Nikki's for a voy-zone post??? With her permission of course!

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Just kidding We have contribute to vw a few times. The last time we were told our contribution was too hot for free site, so we thoght we wold send some in to Naturists. Hope you like! I think she is pretty hot for a woman in her early 40's.


Tell me what you think??? A little afternoon delight - smoking hot 40ish mom of two - thinks these will "gross" you out....sorry, can't demonstrate the face and also I apologize for some of the photo quality =- guess we will just have to practice more :)