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My Hot Stunner Trio
Very first I would like to thank everyone for all the fine comments on the BB. We heard there was a strand on Captiva Island that the naturist frequented, so we went looking for it. I don't know if it was the time of day or day of the week that we were there, however we could not find it. So we determined since the plage was not over crowded with kids, we would take some photos at the upper end of the playa. For all the naysayers, there are some pics flashing other people on the sand. For those of you that asked to see Hubby and I together, the last photo shows about as much of him as you will ever see {He is camera shy}. I could not determine on which Ten pics to send so there will be a 2nd contri, Swampthing on the Strand. Hope you all love the photos and let correct email addys, if you want me to react. . Hugs & Smooches

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past pic. thanks Damien and I have been away for a few weeks. Sorry guys, I missed you, too. We went off to Puerto Rico to shed some light where the sun doesn't shine. Wait a minute, I'm a naturist, there aren't many places that the sun doesn't shine on me.


Suzy luvs my testicles Les deseo una muy Felíz Navidad y un Año 2009 lleno de Salud, Amor y Prosperidad, con mucho cariño para ustedes hice estas fotografías espero que me escriban con su email para hacerles llegar un regalito especial de Navidad, besitos The Queen.