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I've been accused of being long-winded in my text (this part of the contribution). Well, I choose to give shout-outs to my admirers when I get the chance. And this won't be an exception. With one switch. I usually attempt to limit it to a coupla dozen names per contribution. Holy Bullshit. I got over 200 of y'all who gave me your e-mail address in your comments. I wrote you back (and before I leave behind, these e-mail addys bounced - PhxBob, your fresh eddress, harryperv, livin_dildo, shaz, pss, Kirthim, Rich M and martin2523) and some of you actually reacted. 130 of you. So this month, I'm gonna give a Shit Howdy Shout Out en masse. So here goes:

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more various pix I had just climbed into a nice hot bath, and the hot water whirling around embarked making me a little playful. Mark took several pix of me from here to getting all total of soap suds, and pruning, the pictures indeed revved out cool and I thought you might love them! Cya again shortly :) Licks & Smooches