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Sono tornata
Hey Kate! You have the best site on the net, no error. There is one situation that needs correction, however: Albeit you get lots of pics from fine ladies that are dedicated to you, scanty June never gets any pics. I'm correcting this oversight with the affixed jpeg of me and my ex gf having a romp last year, and dedicating it to June. Here's the set-up: I took a VHS camcorder, stashed it in an old mid-tower case and put speaker cloth over the drive slots to cover the lense. I plugged it into a capture card in a P-133... Ah, leave behind the hardware desсription, just tell June I'll display her ALL my equipment next time she's in the San Francisco Bay area.... Lates, Kate, and keep up the good work. Chingader well..ehem....you might have a wrong picture concerning June....June has to deal with persons like me and Mike for 16 hours a day....dont consider her as a feeble litte lady...I do not even embark to argue with her....and I know why.....and she know how to treat our picture processing software...just a hint

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Hi Damsels and Guys Hi Kate, Jerry, Asher, Sailor and Crew! Here is another set that were taken the same day we went to the park.. On the edge of the park that we went to.. There was a golf course.. It was such a beautiful day.. that is determined to take a quick break! hehe.. I can't wait for some more nice weather.. xxoo,


she is so sexy... Hiya All....i know lots of you guys & ladies have requested some of my brassiere pics....so here we are. A nice pink number in my yard soaking up the Brisbane sun. You may notice me squinting a bit...my eyes are indeed fairly sensitive to the sun, hope these revved out ok for you. Love AJ xoxo