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When I was with my ex BF, I posted some pics to this site from time to time because it revved us both on for him to see my pics here. I took these pics and planned to surprise him by posting them as a Christmas introduce. I am wearing the belly chain he gave me as he found it sexy. I also planned to give him some other pics that were more explicit and displayed my face. But sadly, we broke up right before Christmas. I still miss him but I'm attempting to stir forward. And, it's his loss because I was a supportive, loving and not to mention, hot girlfriend:-) So, I thought, what the heck? I'll post pics anyway because maybe some other guys will appreciate them:-) Hope you all post nice comments and vote for me!

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doing what she does best Hi, here are some pics of my filipina wifey. She is a mom of three and doesnt like her assets anymore. Please leave lots of comments to help her out. We would also like to exchange pics of other dark skin women


Here ya go, love. This is MarinaLi, a Asian wifey of a fellow that has a little trouble in the "getting it up" department, so I was lucky enough to be selected to help 'em out, by making love to her when I can... Believe it or not, and that's the truth.... Life is good...