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At beach Cameon and a friend wanking in water

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Willow Had A Plan - Sometimes I take the train into the city. Parking is so bad at the station that Willow will drop me off and pick me up. Last time she picked me up, I could tell she had something in mind, and that it was going to be good. Maybe it was the look in her eyes, maybe it was the multi-colored stocking she wore...oh yeah, and the platform footwear and the camera laying on the passenger seat. As we got to the door of the palace, she opened her cover and showcased me that all she had on was a bodysuit. As we got in the door, she began posing. I love the way her puffies poked thru the fishnet. She put a drink in my forearm and told me to take pictures as she posed and did a lapdance for me. She did more than tease-she pleased!

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Sammy in sofa Well, I said in my last post that I would be taking pictures of my fresh hair style for all of you to see and I did! Im so excited and cant wait to see what yall will think of the fresh look! :) They will be posted pretty shortly so keep an eye out!


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