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Part Two same as the very first.
Molly Getting Switched At The Office - Molly and I have worked together for a duo of years, there has always been stress in the air. Recently we got invited to a Gala Premier in Oslo, we both live outside of the city, so arranged to stay on at the office, have a few drinks, get switched and ready for the ball... I would never have guessed it would end like this. Molly is a sensuous doll and would love messages from ladies as well as guys, but she is timid. So be nice with your comments as she has never done anything like this before.. with a bit of luck (and if you are kind) she might agree to post the other 50 pictures that we took... Bye for now... Tim and Molly

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Naughtiness. Greek Cpl Two - no story ....just another contri for your pleasure.Kisses Kapoios paraponethike gia ta filakia pou steilame stoys Ellines plaything eksoterikoy....ipe oti iparxoun sto site kai Ellines tou esoterikou......gia na min iparxoun pareksigisis :)) filakia se olo ton kosmo pou vlepei to contri mas.


AFTER WE SHOWERED TOGETHER Some pics from nightclubs where the gals are not the timid English Rose type.Frightening sometimes, but well worth a look.Nice to see them but I'm not sure you'd take these nymphs home to meet the family.Don't vote please it's only a laugh.