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No excellent story to this contribution, we had been out and determined to take some pics and wished to share them!! :-) Sorry that some people didn't like the "On the Stairs 1" set but then again, it seemed that a entire explosion more appreciated them. Besides, I did point out that the reason they weren't nude was because I couldn't find it in myself to just post one of them and not the lot! You dreamed the naked ones, so here are a few, fountains more on their way. The people that actually bother to read the story (you're still here then?!) will notice that the set was "On the Stairs 1", that kinda suggests that there's more than one set coming doesn't it?! I know you're going to like the ones that are on their way even more! Thanks for the previousy comments, they truly are appreciated (I don't even mind the ones that criticise the picture style but please at least be courteous enough to leave a contact email!), they are what makes submitting pics worthwhile.

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Kiiiiisssssses, Last post from a doll play session with a friend. Two ladies who indeed love GG play and some light restrain bondage. We always love meeting fresh friends. We appreciate everyone who contributes on VW. Thanks to everyone who posted comments, also want to give a shout out to LongLeggedWife and LC.


Pretty BIG humid DD's Well, I'm not sure if this fairly fits the theme, but she sure looks classy, senses classy, and if it's possible, I think she tastes pretty classy as well. Let us know what you think. And Belo? FU hehehe