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Brunette cutie at beach part 2

did you say butt
Tearing thru discarded files, time to throw up the gems at the back of the closet that never found a contri of their own this year.------------- Surprise surprise, gents voyeurs, while the debate rages on over contributors being inexperienced or pro, a quick look back at former months winners will reveal an interesting number of contris deleted from the top fifteens. One for the conspiracy theorists.---------------------- One thing you have always been assured of, this Fly is the largest 'pro amateur' on the planet. I don't work the beaches for a living, only devilment. Tho' I wish I could - any rich benefactor want his own private supply of weekly captures? Eh, Mr.Gates? 'Sandfly: Hired Gun' - got a ring to it. Perhaps the Heff will come thru when Playboy buys Kate out :) . . .----------------------- So, to vagina. And tit. and all the charms we adore in the femmes next door. Naked amateurs, oh my brothers, not naked inexperienced paid models: there's confusion arising all round us these days. But the Sandfly knows, you fresh 'pros'. I am Godzilla. You are Japan. ----------------------------------------------------- Delve these shots, including a final flourish from that damn hot Spanish swimwear honey of last month that I recovered from a compact flash card I thought deceased. Ah, the tender, sunbaked skin. She glides.

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i love her figure Hi Kate, Jerry, Sailor, Asher and Crew! Shane took these while we were on a Mini-Vacation.. We had gotten up truly early to attempt to take some sunrise pictures on the strand. To our disapointment, it was raining! So, Shane made the best of it and took these.. Hope that yall like them.. xxoo,


Crimson in Sofa Good Morning Libby Here I am! I hadn't even had my coffee, ughhhhhhhhhhh. Unnecessary to say I was pissed! No woman likes to have her picture taken very first thing in the morning. But, this is as bad as it gets. I did like the pictures tho'. I hope you like them. You're my boy Blue!