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Well our ?outtakes first? idea worked well for us in the desert, so I think we will do it again for the Gorge. Knowing that our very best shots are yet to come keeps us excited about posting more:-) We loved the desert, and it made us perceive like laying down and embracing the warm earth, but this is the country that indeed sings to us. Every inch of every surface is alive, and the wind sings in the trees while the sea accompanies. The harmony is ideal, and we just wish Jerry Garcia were around to help with the lyrics. You can see how nature called Sienna to dance in this flawless cathedral of trees. We beg that they will be here for our grandchildren to love. AH

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ISA YOLI CULONA Adam and I went out on the boat at the San Jacinto Sea for a little joy in the sun and I determined to wear my fresh swimsuit. This is part 1 of our contri for the "In and Out of Your Bikini" theme. Hope everyone enjoys! Smooches, Amber xoxo


Lets attempt this again She is a 42y/o prude latina mom of one and it's too difficult for me not to share her beauty. She might not be totally picture brilliant like she used to be, but she still does turn goes when walking by. Post encouraging comments, and I might demonstrate some more...