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I'm glad so many of you are loving the pics that hubby took of me in the park over the summer. This series will be coming to an end shortly. While all things must come to an end, one door closes, another door opens. I promise that the next series will be more exposing as so many of you have requested. To those of you who proceed to look and post negative comments: I keep posting and you keep looking. That doesn't say much about your intellect. I'm here for those who are capable of appreciating the fine art and sensuality of a mature woman. Thanks to all my devotees here and you can look forward to even more of me in the future.

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a usual day Evlise By -15 Degres C the last pics of a very coldd winter the sun is coming, il faisait -15 Evlise a eu tres froid mais on ne pouvait pas passer a cote d un tel moment et d un tel decor kind regard and thanks for your comments on ancient contri


attum from irland I LOVE the women of the Dominican Republic!! I've had the PLEASURE of getting to know a duo of beautiful women from the country and have been hooked ever since. This lovely's name is Azul and she loved to share her bod with me and my camera.