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She is my beautiful diva
Hi ya'll!! This it it. The end of a indeed lengthy set, of a truly lengthy day!! Let's recap. We very first were outside in the garden, then came inwards for Fountains of joy. Hopped up on a bar, did myself with a duo different things...and I do mean different!! Then got cuffed to a bar foot railing, got a few vibrarors put to me, then eaten out. When they let me up from there, I gave one of the photographers a BJ. Took a bathroom and am now towelling off. Now...that's a punch booty day!! And ya'll can see most of it from my site!! And guess what, I've just had another day like that one...only worse!! And we got it on movie too! Get ready for more fun!!!

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HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tiiiina Exhib In Ikea Part1/2 Francai ...Donc voila la suite de l'exhib au lac!! :) Voila, n'heister pas dire dans quels lieux voir aimeriez voir TIIIINA s'exhiber, et parmis toutes vos suggestions, nous en realiserons quelques unes et vous pourez ainsi les voir sur Naturists.


just had to display this booty Some of these are pics of my wifey about 7 years ago when she was only 20 and just my gf. Some are fairly latest. Good comments might get her to let me send some newer pictures of her from now, she is 8 months preggo.