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Welcome To Pussy Beach 2 BVR

de paseo por un parque
Well, I was attempting to be clever with the title (don't groan too loudly). I picked out this wild patterned underwear with hopes of wearing it in Mexico in July; somehow it never got worn (probably because I wore very little there to begin with.....but that's another contri!). I made up for it by wearing it around the palace and as you can see, as a substitute bathing suit! What?!....you don't usually wear your stilleto high-heeled shoes out to the pool? LOL I do....And some days that's ALL I wear....hehe!! I expected you would appreciate these pix (a last ditch effort to reminisce the warm and sunny days of a Jersey Shore summer) since we are headed utter force into the holiday season and c-c-colder weather! Smooches,

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More of beautiful Kelli Unluckily, Femme hasn't yet mastered the art of activity photography so I do hope you'll hairy man with us and perhaps send him a few tips on how to photograph a lady in flagrante. Perhaps he would attempt a bit tighter if I bring in a sexy model to pose with if only I could find one......


A sexy 2008 to all. I was invited to go and relieve at a local Hot Bathtub. School was ending and I needed a break before finals. The idea of taking some pictures for a contri to Naturists seemed like a joy diversion & a way to get some exposure - unspoiled pun. We plan to do some more in the sauna next time.