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Hi Kate and friends, Kate we want to thank you so much for your site we met in your nudistchat room three yrs ago and have lived together for the last year and are still very much in love *S*, enough for the petite talk hehe, we took these pics the other night drinking wine and beer and having joy railing around and looking at the pretty views and something about having a vibrarating seat inbetween my womans gams she determined it was time to take pics and i was very willing to help her out lmao.we are standard people no models but still love having wild and crazy hump it keeps you youthful and glad lol, hope yall love them as much as we did making them, we posted some pics back in jan, called snowday LMAO we had some good comments and those pics were alot of joy making hehe hell you have to be creative sometimes to keep life interesting lol hope all love and kisss and hugs to all our friends in nudistchat room some we have met in real life and some we will met this weekend coming up take care all and smooches and hugs PDPMEM Thanks again Kate

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Hope fantasies come true. It's been a while since I've posted and I sure miss it. Everyone is always kind to me in the comment section and I indeed appreciate it. I hope you like my photos. Perceive free to comment if you recall me from my past contris.


Hi Nudistsers, We are a married duo from Lengthy Island NY..... Every holiday I get the introduce of my wifey in a fresh clothing. Who's luckier than me this holiday season?? If you guys are nice maybe you'll get to see Halloween...