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Just another joy night
Hi Group, I wished to share a duo pics from my vacation to Hedonism III in Jamaica. I had asked my hubby if he would take some pics of me on the "Prude Beach" and he was nice enough to obey. Not Five minutes afterwards, a beautiful blonde came crawling out of the ocean to pose with me. I hope you don't mind, because I certainly didn't!! Little did we know that we had an audience during the photo shoot, butt they all had to pay up in the end....no pun intended! By the way, sorryI had to blur the face of the beautiful blonde, but as far as I know she could be the daughter of a famous politician or something. Who knows? XOXO

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qui aime son cul ? *Please Note this contri has no total bareness as there was too many people around including Two or Three school trips...so it is tame but it is a g-string and bootie lover's dream....If that's not your cup of tea then budge on, go to Naturists or some out & out pornography site for more gonzo stuff ok


Fall asleep Many thanks and greetings to Tina and Tom with same idea to make some shots there. We like your pictures and idea very much and we made a special picture same way. Hope it doesnt matter :-) Ruhrarea is so good !