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Stringing up out outside:)
I am sorry so much of last contri got cut. I was hoping they would have permitted me a bit more lea-way. I have seen slew of contris in free spycam site lately where models are flashing pinks off there lips, etc. but I seem to get cut. I thought they might have at least cropped the pics, but o'well. I have attempted again to please aficionados, and aficionados to be alike. I truly do hope you love, but if you do not please just budge on. Nothing spoils my day like readying an ignorant, and nasty comment. When I sit down scantely clothed, or naked to read your comments I hope to read sexy, positive comments, that include words which will make humid, and hot.

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Me and my Pj's Jodie has SO many piercings and here you'll see me admiring her pierced puffies. She's got little barbells in them. How cool is that? Anyway, Jodie and I have both updated our sites with even more "together" pics...give 'em a look. Enjoy!! -Mysti


Praia no sul do Brazil. Hi again guys and gals - as promised, here is the continuation of "Opal's Fresh Blue Teddy I", which posted recently. I hope you don't mind too much that I actually lose the teddy in this set - hubby sure didn't!! Smooches,