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Brunette Girlie plays with her shaved pussie at the beach

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Dear naturist Staff & Viewers... Enclosed are 12 pics of a very sexy 28 year old female friend I did shots for a while back, appropriately tagged "The Kat's Ass". It took a *lot* of talking for Kat to let me take them and even *more* talking to get her to let me submit them for your contest, but here they are. She says that if they get a good reaction she'll let me send a bunch of others we took and may not insist that I blur her face next time, so if you like what you see please vote for her... if she wins you'll be observing a *lot* more shots done with the digital camera she wants to buy, and since *I* get to shoot them vote, vote, VOTE for her! (Hmmm... wonder what *my* motivation is, huh?) ;) By the way, Kat says she hopes that Kate and everyone else loves her special 'upside down WFI' too... she sure is flexible! She'd like to hear from both masculine and female viewers as she is very bisexual, so don't leave behind to leave some positive feedback in the forums if you like what you see... Cheers, Oh yeah, my email address sank in the jacuzzi bathtub and hasn't been seen since so I guess there'd be no point in posting it would there? ;)

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Afew from the collection Dear Master, These are a few pics of my girl's sweet little bod. She is 22 years old I'm 33. She is very naugty all the time. I call her my little tuna. We have a ton of pics. She doesn't know I'm attempting to send these pics in. If response is good I'll send more. Thanks.


just nice Two 2nd time on the net for me. I found this one a Nine out of Ten. It was a little big when I stared and finer as we toyed on. The stimulation was a little feeble but gave me what I needed. Thanks for this section and please keep it up. Both my friend and the plaything review.