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i love romp with hot damsels
After the response to my last set of pictures I promise to lay off numbered clothing at least for a little bit hehe. I got a few emails thru our site asking about some pictures of me in some different colors and I thought I'd take some in one of the rarest colors for me which is green. It sorta works for me but I think if my hair were lighter blonde itd be a much nicer fit. Anyhow I tagged along when David went out of town last week for some boring caboose biz conference and we got to stay in one of my dearest motel rooms ever. I absolutely fucking love the benchlike footrest they have in there rooms because it is truly handy to sprawl out on-especially if you want someone else to do all the work ;). There also cool because you can tie someone to it and penalize them if they take bad pics or leave you alone in the room all day withotu a minibar key. Hehe.

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Luv ya all JJ x x *Gg Two Sexy Ladies And Wine - Howdy ladies & gents Our names are Susan and Samantha. We loved your comments on our former contribution and this is our fresh one.We hope you like them. You can see more of us at our web site Smooches


hubby cleaning up I love to see a g-string on a woman, but I also like wearing one. The "Pull Me Thongs" contest is the greatest. I hope to get some good comments from the ladies out there. I'll react to any women who express interest.