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My fave brassiere
From the makers of "hot shower" comes "Peach". Kate and company, I have to thank you very much for posting our last contri "hot shower" and providing your kind comments. It came on at the best time possible. ..Valentine's day!!! There is a WFI just for you Kate! (New picture) It was so nice to see all the excellent comments on the BB, my wifey got so excited she gave me the green light to do some more. I also came up with the name "Peach" for her because she is fresh and yummy like a fruit. ....and when you bite into her she tastes like one. The comments on the BB are an incredible turn on for both of us........ from ladies and gents and of course Kate! Please give us suggestions for future contris! Sorry for the skimpy tech quality but I don't have time to research for a good digital cam...but I will get one soon!!! after this!!!!! There is a duo pictures from a few months ago when she had her hair cut. But the rest are fresh. Love P.S. I am attempting to woo her to take some nude in public any suggestions? P.S.2 There cannot be face demonstrating because of her work sorry!!!! PS3 Please hehehehe do not post my E-mail

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Just on hot horny day Frolic ;- ) - just fooling around one night while i was perceiving a little frisky! Hubby thought it would make a good contri. I would love to hear what you think of this contri. Leave a comment for me ( I attempt to response them all) and please vote for me. Dusty


Playing around... Hi Kate, Sailor, and Crew! The title says it all. This woman could suck a golf ball thru a 50 foot hose pipe. And the best part about it is she absolutely hungers the end result. Like I have said in the past... Who am I to say No to her? ;-P~~ Smooches to All Tim&Dez