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What Nudist Couples are doing at the Beach by snahbrandy

There she is again
It is so NOT COOL to deny a damsel her regular helping of sex! And it's truly not fucking cool at all when the doll being denied is me LOL. My hot co-worker came down with a cold and he's missed work all week. Its bad for him but it truly gargles to be me cause now I haven't gotten fucked for hella days! It figures that he won't let me wag by his place to get my pack of that thick jizz-shotgun of his either. Earnestly it'd almost take two dicks to substitute his - except that'd prolly split me in half. OUCH! LOL. So I spent the finer part of the week bitching to my friend and she's calling him my fuckin Snuffelufugus or something cause I go on about him but she's never met him. Because of that I began in a hella bitchy mood when we were taking these pics but actually had alot of joy once I began gettin revved on. Plus since I know he checks out my pics here and my site alot I hope he reads this from his sickbed LOL. Get well briefly. or find me a replacement! :-P

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my woman friend Loving The Warm Sun Winter time doesn't give too many supreme opportunities for outdoor joy but it still perceives superb to let the sun shine on a raw and ready cunt. Truly love to read the comments,dirtier the better!


good women There were two seperate times where we were almost busted, and once, at the very begin, where somone actually got a utter view of what my camera spotted. As we get more convenient and skilled we'll commence including other people in the background and we'll go to even more public places.