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Lisa here - Thanks guys for all the wonderful comments at the e-contri section.. it has given me enough courage to post some pics here. Just about every weekend we play some form of a game.. Here are some pics for one of these games. Lance was the "Baddie" that broke into the palace and tied me up and ..... well you all know what... It is very arousing for me (us) to play like this. By the way Lance reacts he is most likely more excited during these sessions than I am, believe you me..:) Even however I am 47 years old, I (we) find lots of excitement out of these games. I must admit I do have a fantasy of a dude (or two...lol) surprising me in this way (no violence of course) and then do their "thing" with me. ..... Hope you love.

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Sorry it was upside down Diesmal ist Leo voll in Fahrt. Die Hoeflichkeit gebietet es, freundlich zu gruessen. Dies kam bei den Vorbeikommenden sehr gut an, denke ich. Zumindest gab es keine einzige negative Reaktion, sondern nur Positive. Wie wurdet Ihr in solch einer Situation reagieren?