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I was astonished and excited to see the nice response from the last pictures I sent in. It was a nice way to end my weekend, after frustration with my tour out of town, accompanying David on a work retreat. I had been looking forward to taking in the sun and bad weather came out of nowhere and punched my arse. I had brought a few apparels with me and was truly excited about getting a bit more of a suntan before the cold weather season was here for good. It was just my luck that it had to rain and be chilly all weekend! David dared me to go down and lay outside anyhow, but I punked out (I hate cold weather!). I did save it from being a total waste tho by spending slew of time indoors, and I got many more photos for here and our own site. I was totally excited about how I looked in this clothing, tho I am bummed because I will have to wait until next summer to wear it outside. So now fall is eventually upon enough, and briefly I will be busting out the winter clothes. :(

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Smooches, Ceci So yes the shots are staged, by me, that's the point - all these pictures where taken by strangers with my own camera that I pass on to them to take the picture - I hope that should sate all the doubters and critics.


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