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Nude girl on beach - 2

a lot of youthfull nymphs !!!
Those of you who have been following Sandy's posts here on voy-zone and voy-zone know that she loves demonstrating off her cock-squeezing pink snatch. That's a good thing, because, I, for one, never get tired of looking at it and admiring its beauty. The only things nicer are gobbling it and fucking it! When we send a set of pictures of Sandy in her fresh milky leather sundress (accented with my orange necktie) to voy-zone last week, she commented that it was a shame that we had to hold back the "Really Good" shots from that set. Sandy said, "I bet the RedCloud members would love observing some pictures with my gams spread and my twat open". "Yeah", I said, "but if we can give them the shot that shows your large tits AND your open cunt, that would be even better." So, that's the story behind the last shot in this set - - - one of our all-time faves. Please let us know what YOU think!

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comments [email protected] Hubby took some pictures of me while I was tanning in the backyard. I hope you love them. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Pls continue...I look foward to reading them. If you don't like the pictures or have nothing nice to say pls budge on to the next. Smooches LAS


Water play. Love Having joy in the kitchen with more self pics:-) I have two sets for this one, I couldn't stand against taking more and more pics! I hope you love these:-) Thanks to all of my devotees, I hope these "do it" for ya! :-) Dont leave behind to vote:-)