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Here's a little peek ;)
I've become rather enchanted by the countryside this summer. Loving the outdoors and the freedom it brings, my bf and I determined to get back to nature by taking a journey to a remote Brit Island. We rented a lovely stone cottage situated in a duo of acres of land, accomplish with sheep, rams, rabbits and infrequent birds. We liked our time away within the rustic charms of life working the land, but we are very glad to be back amongst our creature comforts. The chance for uninterrupted elations of the skin were indulged and we took these pictures just prior to a roll in the hay ;) Hope you love sexy ex xxx

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Howdy ello...! *LI TexasFunCpl, Spead Um Cas Two Ok here is the 2nd in a series of Trio from some joy here in Texas.......Send some good comments Cas's way for some more......let us know what you like. Couples in the Texas area can reach us thru the profile e-mail


one more guys. Hi, I'm Vanilla, and I'll be cleaning your room today. Would you like me to dust up real high on that shelf? Or do I need to kneel down and clean under the bed? Does anything need polished till it's nice and clean and shiny? I can caress it real good, if it does.