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Wife Jerks Off Nude Beach Voyeur While Talking With Husband!

No story, just a few pics.
Hi everyone, ( this is longer than most, but there's a reason...) We have loved the presentations of contributors to naturist for Six mos.or so, and I have (Finally!) been able to encourage one indeed special lady to share some of the sexiness that adds more to our relationship than I would have dared wish. The friendly attitude of the staff and the courtesy of most posters made the difference... no way she would have done this before now (thanks,Kate, Asher and all!). The pix speak for themselves,... so I'll add some things that you can't see. Most people think she's bashful and reserved. The truth is that this is only because, like a lot of good-lookin' ladies, she doesn't have the confidence in public that you'd think she would. But the inwards story??... that's different. She's bisexual. We have had a duo of 3somes (with other ladies), that stir us up every time we recall them, and looking for "possibilities" for more, is a constant turn-on. She loves oral hookup, and looking down at her beautiful-face (wish we could demonstrate it) while she snuggles those terrific tits into me and gives all her attention and imagination to providing me as much pleasure as I can stand, for as lengthy as I can stand it, is unbelievable! Would you believe almost Trio hours heterosexual on one date? See, ... UNBELIEVABLE!! I hope everybody to think I'm lounging, ... but it's true! She has gotten bold enough to go bare-chested (and masked) at some "Renaissance Fair"-type gatherings we have been to...., and found out she truly luved it. The polite compliments of some of the people (men AND women) who asked to take her picture, were a pleasant surprise to her, and substituted some of her apprehension with the beginnings of self-confidence. She has at least 50 (I think it's a lot more) beautiful/sexy brassieres, undies, bustiers, sheer tops. etc,...and drives me nuts wearing them. And she likes posing for me, to "see if she can look sexy" in photos. (Give me a break... is there any doubt??) Now she's thinking that more exhibitionism might be fun-after-all, and determined that the non-threatening all-in-good-fun atmosphere of Hidden cam Web, and the good-natured comments of most viewers, make it the place for a very first attempt. She wants to thank "English Wife" and "Dawn" ( two of our favorites) for showcasing that "classy" ladies can be sexily "free", and encouraging her by their example. The "reason" for the length of this note?... I'm afraid she might be put-off by some of the rude-types who seem to be looking for faults rather than beauty.If she determines not to come back, I dreamed to take this one chance to tell the world how much more there is to her than you can "see". And I've left-out a lot of other positive things at that! We've got some curvy nudes to showcase, if she gets that daring,and I hope we'll get to Crimson Clouds sometime. We'll see! Hope you enjoy.,... comments welcome! (and of course, PDPMEMA ;-)

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another quick morning shot This maybe a little soft for Crimson Clouds but it's too insatiable for Hidden cam Web,thank you for all the excellent comments to our past contributions. We just love them. If you have any requests, just let us know? Life is too brief, love it!


She likes taunting questo che vedete e' il cartello dell'areoporto di Cal-Nev-Ari (che significa California-Nevada-Arizona) in mezzo al deserto in mezzo al niente. Quando vedo le cose strane di solito voglio farci delle foto, cosi' eccomi qui.