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Nude Beach - Show & Tell

various shots
thxs for the nice comments on my cowboy up post. Thxs to every on in the hangout its because of you that I am posting again. It was a warm day in feb. in Georgia beleave it or not. I thought I would clean up my work truck "it has been a duo of months" it was about due for a bath. My wifey showcased up just after I finished washing it and had embarked cleaning it. she thought I looked sexy in my holey jeans and grabed the camera. I am sorry ladies the naturist will not permit you post a hard man sausage in this section so I just have to taunt. I hope you love anyway. If I get more good comments there will be more to jizm. If you are a man and you leave a bad comment just reminisce you are the one looking at the pics I skip pics with an *M beside them unless the wifey is looking with me

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Says it all Some pics from a tour to Spain. During a walk thru dunes I found out an older duo. I had to crawl thru the sand to take these pics but wasn't able to take a lot of pictures because I could lightly be found out. I hope they are suitable for the Naturists.