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Hi everyone - Does anyone reminisce our "Blonde Kelly" series? We haven't had time to take/post pics on the voy-zone in the last few months, albeit we have been flashing from time to time. We went out the other night for some flashing in stores and on the highway (look for our NIP contri). Here's a few which are more suitable for voy-zone. The pic including her high-heeled slippers are for the foot guys among us.Kelly is 24 and VERY bicurious, waiting for the right time to happen. The last pic of me was taken by Kelly, as it represents one of her fantasies - to have another dude kneel inbetween her gams and masturbate on her tummy. Love - positive comments will create more contris.

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Wifey 55 years. Little Missy got herself a shiny sexy pair of boots, brilliant for playtime! Paired them with a glaze and not much else, went off to play with a friend. Here are some photos taken bye my hubby and some taken by my friend . . .


Hows this view Now this time she truly astonished me and flashed that she has truly improved her posing absolutely in EVERYTHING. Sandy never looked to be so engrossed with passion during any of the photo sessions we’ve had before.