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theSandfly Fantastic Beach Pussy Play!

After the bathroom
The affixed pictures are of a friend of mine who's a strenuous equipment operator. The dump truck she normally drives was in the shop during lunch hour when I snapped these black and whites. She had the prettiest cutoffcoveralls and I told her I'd like to take a few pictures. After shooting the very first picture, I told her it was a hot dayandencouraged her to eliminate the t-shirt She not only did that, she took hersports hooter-sling off, too. I shot a duo with just the coveralls. When Iclimbed up on the rubber hood of the truck,she unfastened the coverall top, put her sports boulder-holder on the mirror, and laughed. Hope you like these.

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here is the rest Love to sundress up in underwear and tempt my man or any women that find me attractive. This is just a form of make-out for us. Have only posted a duo of times and would like to make the top 50 for once. Love to hear comments from dudes and women and particularly those close to home. VA


Good morning sunshine! Sarita - Swimsuit Unclothe (Part 2) - She accepts to demonstrate her breasts, then to eliminate her undies and eventually to spread her gams in front of the camera. Very first pics of Sarita on the net ! It was hard to coax her to let me post these snaps for you. Love and please encourage her so that more can be suggested.