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Pics of my 41yo wifey.
It's shocking, but I am actually spending some time away from the computer! It's winter, and once again I am playing girls' basketball, practising a few times a week and rather loving it. I am also giddy because I got a team training jacket for my 2nd year on the team here at University. I hardly lasted a few minutes taking some pics for my social network before the needs of my naturist & nudistfriends came to mind. I'm hardly a jock (far too much of a dork to be let into that off the hook circle), but I do have some athletic inclinations--I've only been having fucky-fucky for 15 months now, and this was as close to hot and sweaty as I ever got before that! LOL.

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excellent night of pleasure This is my 3rd and final set of pics from my photoshoot during Halloween. Hope you liked my very first two sets: Princess Warrior & Crimson Hot Demon. This is my Horny Nurse garb for those in need of urgent care. Let me know which one you preferred and vote suberb if you like them. Enjoy!


No story, just culo :-) The comments from my 1st contribution (1st Time) were so positive that I couldn't wait to post more pictures. So here are some miscellaneous pictures from events / soirees where I was able to indulge my exhibitionist urges and get naked. Enjoy!