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Howdy again, you all are so sweet by providing me your votes and as you know I won the very first price in RC. That was a big surprise to me, but at the same moment I perceived so fine. And a few weeks afterwards I went to the post office to collect my check. I dreamed to display you all how blessed I am so I made a few pics at the postoffice amd at the music shop where I looked for a excellent keybord. I hope I make your day and you all sure made mine! Your excellent support made me a Real Satan now and I love it. I am doing this only Trio months but now I cant live sans it anymore. Its so good to sense the adrenaline and all the people around me are so sweet and smiling all the time. For those who like to do the same, just give it a attempt and you perceive the fine adrenaline in your figure.

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Timid woman get's bold. It's gonna be a engaged day ;) Thanks again to all that took the time to leave a nice comment, notably you regulars ;) I read them all and they mean alot to me. A special little "wink" to everyone at the cbb; in light of latest events, we think you'll appreciate it ;) Cheers.