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Hey there everyone! (PART Two of 3) Continuing with my latest excursion to Miami (South Beach), if you witnessed my preceding posts, I was in Miami at a trade demonstrate and got invited to a soiree held at this cool South Sand Bar called "ICE." I met the best bartender and after a wild night getting naked in public, flashing, etc, I determined to invite the bartender back to my motel in South Plage. I was in the motel lobby and had formerly met a indeed cool night clerk at the motel. I told him I would like to get naked and he said OK, go for it! He desired to know if I dreamed the lights on...LOL. So, OK, here we go- three posts to share these pictures from my joy with the bartender all over the motel. Does any of you recognize this boutique motel in South Beach? If so, leave it on my Message Board. I'd love to hear from you! Anyway, I got so hot at the nightclub and couldn't wait to get back to the motel. Once we got inwards, I took my clothes off right away and after making out, commenced sucking his dick right in the motel lobby. I was so jiggish, I moved over to the front door and sat Five feet away and pulled his dick out and sucked it right there. Fortunately, no one came (except him...LOL). Anyway, I hope you love this 2nd of three parts. Hugs, Suz.

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Me and my Fucktoy Here is my sexy counterpart Anouska , she is in her late fifties but you'd never believe it looking at her. This is her very first contribution and if you like her and give good comments you can hope many more of the same. Please vote for her and she will be more daring I'm sure.


Getting ready for the day. we are a coupe from austria and are looking for a bi-girl or a duo with a bi-girl on this way. we also trad pics. maybe some of you will send us some nice commends, then we will send more pics for sure. please vote.