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Hi Asher and the hwole nudist-team , asher alweys likes underwear and me to - why do not all dolls wear more of the fine underwere. Women - think about that! Thats the weapons of us ladys. Our hubbys will explode when we are like this. And - I think in Italy we know well what we do. I think lingeria its like the spice in the pasta sugo - verry significant. I am bashful here and no chance for my face - but love the silky details and "wfi" for kate. Those are shure more erotic than some of seen total pics of to big ladys. In totale 8 pic for you all. No E Mail - hide it in me gartero. And no reply by mail, just call contri "Lingeria favore" and I will find it. Sorry for my english and pic quality, am i will work on this. Could you imagne a special contributione a la lingeria for future? Perhapos others also would like. A lacey greetings from milano in italia. Ciao

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Some more pics of GF. This is my Nineteen yo gf Eva. She wished to get her joy button pierced, and we determined to mark the occasion with some pics. Now she wants to share them with you! What a lucky dude I am. Good comments will draw more.


Random pics of wifey. hi everyone at vw.long time lookers,first time contrib's.we r from uk and love erotic photography.these pics are very first very quick attempt with fresh digicam.lot finer ones to come,old scans and fresh digipics if comments are favourable !! got to say pdpmea!!