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Hi Kate, This may be a very first for you - a woman actually sending in pictures of herself! But yes, that's whats affixed. Sense free to include this story when/if you publish my pictures. About a week ago, I sent these same pictures of myself in to another 'amateur' web site. The pictures are all 'smudged' so you can't indeed recognize me (well, if you knew me, you might recognize me!). Anyway - I sent the pictures in and after they were published, I sent my spouse an Email with the URL address for the fledgling web page. He's been asking to post these pictures for a lengthy time - so I determined to surprise him. Unnecessary to say, he witnessed the pictures last Thursday night and he hasn't left me alone since! (it's Monday now and I'm fairly tender from so much hook-up - but it's a Excellent feeling!). I put my Email address on last weeks web posting and the replies I got from all sort of people have been incredible. It is such an ego boost for me to receive such compliments from so man different dudes, not to mention what else they say in the notes! One of the replies mentioned your site as being the 'Premiere Amateur' site and that I should send my pictures to you too. So here they are!. I also had some text for the pictures... #1 - is of me looking 'cute and sexy' as so many other studs have said. For some reason, me in my boulder-holder and jeans seemed to hit a chord with them. #2 - now I would have thought this would have gotten more attention. It's of me in 'all my glory'. #3 - I was embarassed at very first sending this in. Its of me diddling myself after my spouse told me to 'get ready' for him. #4 - thank god my head is not in this picture - the look of rapture on my face would truly embarass me. Its a very explicit picture of me after #3 and after my spouse had me. Most of the fellows who witnessed it appreciated knowing that yes, that is my hubbies spunk that is trickling out of me. I'll close by telling that my spouse is still attempting to get me to 'swing'. We've talked about it and have come close a few times, but I'm still very undecided. Albeit all this mail praising me is certainly raising my confidence at crossing this line. Sense free to post my Email address - like I said, I get an erotic thrill at watching the different replies I get. And you can also post all this text (or edit it down) as you see fit. You can also add your own text if you like. The pictures were all taken with a polaroid and then scanned into JPG's. Please let me know when you'll have posted my pictures - I know, your webpage says it'll be within 71 hours. Sue _________________________________________________________

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I am sleeping... Blessed Holidays to all. Here are a few pictures we took while doing some back country boating down in the Florida Keys. Fine fishing and snorkeling can be done here in shallow waters. More from this series will be coming shortly. Xoxo...MSFS


Legitimate at the time Pink:Thanks for the comments from my last contribution they were all much apperciated =-) . We determined to take a few more pictures and toyed around with lighting.Let us know what you think suggestions welcomed. Thanks once again for the comments from my preceding contribution's.