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Liz calming in St. Martin
Hi nudistebbers! Mrs. Happyhubby thanks those who posted such nice comments in the BB! We hope they love viewing her as much as she loves showcasing. Sorry we have to hide her face, but hey; that's not what people look at anyway, right? Mrs. HH is pleased that other women have been inspired to demonstrate off by her pics; they will grow to truly love it! If a ideal marriage is a Ten, she has made ours a 1,000! Kate, you indeed have something here; now you need to organize it into local naturist clubs where ladies can demonstrate off together and their guys can take photos. Monthly outings and pot luck socials could truly be interesting, huh? Mrs. HH looks forward to comments from all; please label Mrs. HH#7, post in Nude in Public, and as always PDPMEM.

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What do u think ? I have always been shocked by things that the Wifey has asked me to do, when she suggested that I put some photos of her on the web and got some feedback off others I was shocked! But gratefully I grabbed the chance with both hands! Hope you like.


My pierced tits We Were On The Phone, And She Sent Me These Me and my Ex were on the phone one evening and she took some photos of herself, and sent them for me to play with. She said it would be ok to send them in for comments on how she rates. Just tits for now, Good comments will get the RC pics sent in.