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Gypsy boy wank at the beach

I just love candles
Jades Big Crimson Three Hi ya'll, well, if you haven't seen me yet, you're truly gonna see me now!! These are the most explicit shots I've ever done, and when I very first looked at then, I was fairly shocked and embarrased. But the more I looked, the more I liked them and am now fairly proud of them . Can I brag for a second?? I haven't seen many hoo-haa's, but damn-it, mine is truly beautiful, don't you think?? Check out the Velvet Curtain for the total size flick of this, and I just put up another set up there too! A friend of mine has this way-too-cool Harley, which he let me shoot on. We went out to this lake in like 50 degree weatcher. I was freezing, but it was excellent for my nipples!! Jade

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Did we succeed? Here I am with my fresh flick, it was a very hot weekend, had everything: walking sans undies, exhibitionism, hook-up in the street ..... the next morning was still hot, open the windows, we caught our fresh camera and to fuck!


how do u like my tits? thanks for all the wonderfull comments (miss direction home from work and horny) u all seemed to want me to put my plaything in further wonder why? hope u love these im having a good time xxx(thanx Nudists) no email please