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Her beloved sport
Howdy "Kate", my name is Kevin. Found your site on newsgroup.Very nice! Think I've taken voyuerism to it's next logical step.....I livein Fresh Orleans and am an experienced Mardi Gras Legend. Take my vacationfor Mardi Gras every year..what a party! All the women in these pics showedme what i dreamed after a little coaxing with a pair of milky iradescentbeads! I have hundreds......and no they have never been viewed on the net.Did you ever wonder what women were "toting" around in their pants?I've got some shockers....perhaps I could be talked into sending more......I have luved your site, so......here are a few for others to enjoy! Ifpossible please call them "Bubba's Mardi Gras" Thanks,

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showcasing her sexy bum At just the right time of day, when the light from the sun shines on me, you can see my shadow. My insane shadow who never stops playing around. I love to play with my shadow, it's kinda like playing with, well, you get the idea. Hope you love the photos.


Hooter Waxing - a fresh trend It's been awhile since i posted my pic's and I thought what excellent opp. to see if i can find a sexy lady to help? I know stud you all would love to help but that'll happen shortly than, afterward you just gotta witness for me. So lady if you like and live in nyc area drop me an email or leave yours.