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Hi Guys and Gals. Sexy Lexy's bath pics have gone over sooo well and I'm very blessed (and so is she). Here's some of the last ones for you. Now it's time to let me know what else you want to see. Copulation Station (my fresh couples lovemaking site) is going very well. Thanks to all who have stopped by there. I'm also pleased to be the sis site to the fresh 2GIG movie site called Unexperienced Flick Act. I hope to have some of my Harem Lovelies on there shortly. Who do you think should be first...hmmm...how about....ME!! You just never know .... it's such a fine site I'm thinking maybe I'll have to make my film debut. I'll let you know. Have a superb week. - Hugz, Cherrie

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Snowing in michigan Been a very loooong time since I posted at RC, having to much joy on yahoo messenger Looking for the MA/CT couples to string up out with, lol, and posting at Homeclips. Well, here are some pix till I send more! this is 2nd part.


Me un Doggystyle Well, very first of all, glad you guys liked the redesigned site! :) Sorry I was gone so lengthy, but this summer was kinda engaged for me. Anyhow, here are some more pics.... I got into kind of a 70's theme with it..... all that free love and hook-up and stuff, whoooo!