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Dear Kate, I found your site while looking thru my brother's bookmarks a duo of months ago, and have been a aficionado ever since. I have one petite complaint tho - there are not enough female voyeurs out there! Therefore I have determined to do my part for the female gender, and took some candid flick of my 24 year old bro getting into (and out of) the bathroom. The best part of it was... I used HIS movie camera and computer! Set up: I hid the web cam on the bottom shelf in the bathroom, and took a quick excursion to the restroom to turn on the webcam while he was getting his stuff ready to take the bathroom. I hid the camera under some towels, but because of the placing of the shelves, it is pretty hard to spot it when standing anyways.. Glad voyeuring and PDPMEMA!! Love,

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here she go wild and nast These are from the film camera days. Couldn't preview or review shots, we got what we got. She was fairly timid and reluctant to demonstrate her cootchie, but I snuck a few anyway. When picking up the prints, we had a smartass note from the developer on how to avoid crimson eye. LOL!


it's too hot in my kitchen These are the pictures of a good friend of mine. It was an excellent get-away. She agreed to post these pictures and would like to hear your comments. It is the very first time for her, so that is the reason for the blur.