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This is my friend Jennifer.We all call her Jenny.She is Nineteen and has the prettiest blue eyes.We determined to go lay out up at the sea nude. I told her about the pictures that I had posted here on voy-zone and that I was thinking of making my own adult website.I attempted to explain the sensing that I get when I see myself up on the internet and the experiencing I get when I think about the 1000's of people that see me naked.So she determined she wished to post some pictures. Witnessing that I have had a secret crush on her for years, I had her pose in a sexual way so I could see her in a way I only dreamed about.After she reads this she will know so I guess it won't be a secret anymore.Only Two things can happen from here,She finishes up hating me or I end up living out my dreams.I hoping for the 2nd one. Luv u all who look, Carrie

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Just displaying off Obviously this was late at night. While we were staying at a motel, my wifey ventured out of our room, in the nude, and then proceeded down the hallway to the elevator. When she heard the elevator chime, she RAN back to our room! So funny!


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